Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Beethoven's Doves

Here's my entry into Zaza's book. The scan doesn't quite capture the texture of the image. Hope you like it.

The inspiration came from a concert I went to recently. I saw a t-shirt that had a similar design and that just got me thinking. This is what came out some hours later.

Here's a song by The Swell Season and part of the inspiration of the this piece Falling Slowly


szaza said...

It's wonderful, Chris.
Thank you, I love it!

Ahh Beethoven. You know, I can't remember a day in the past few months when I didn't have him in my ear.

I can't wait to see the textures in person.

Chris Menice said...

It's not incredibly textured. But all the dots on the gold are done in gold. That doesn't seem to come across properly.

My ear's been filled with Pachebel and VeggieTales songs. :D

szaza said...

VeggieTales! That's hilarious! :D
I'm all about Depeche Mode today.

Chris Menice said...

Yeah I know VeggieTales. Love 'em.
Here's one of my favorites

Ramires said...

wonderfull work Chris

Lady Orlando said...

It looks more than good. I'm glad I'll get to see the textures too :D