Sunday, October 5, 2008

Chensio's moly

err...what is thaat ¿?! I know...a big shit !

sorry..Im not much inspired these I hope you do a better work! hehe

Tomorrow I will send it to you Ramires !


Chris Menice said...

I think it's great Carlos! Only the artist can see the fault in his work, others, never know a fault wasn't supposed to be there.

Chensio said...

thanks a lot for your support Chris ! :)

szaza said...

I think it's fantastic— I was really impressed when I saw it on Flickr and surprised to read that you didn't like it here. I think it's great. I love the colours, the textures and the shapes. There's a wonderful energy about it.

I don't like my entry in my book for this group either. I really hated it!

Well you did a fantastic job, whether you like it or not :)

Ramires said...

I agree with Chris and Samantha. That's a great artwork and I'm pround to contribute in your book.
Thank you

Chensio said...

thanks a lot ! ^^

I really impressed too 0_0 , because your entry is simply perfect szaza !

thats a good example to keep working although you dont like it, jejeje