Sunday, October 26, 2008

Chris Book - Ramires Entry

Dear friends, following the theme I use a pocket watch to represent the most precious thing I did lost (or waste) in my life: Time.
Sorry for the cel phone photo ( I lost my camera too :-))
Is a little (and fast) acrilyc paint, and I hope you enjoy Chris.
I'm working now in Carlos book and I'll send two books to Santiago next week.
Thank you all, sorry for my poor English :-P


Lady Orlando said...

Though is a cell phone photo it looks great.

Can't wait to see it in real life :))

Ramires said...

Thanks Yoda :-)

Chris Menice said...

Awesome entry Ramires.

I'm so happy with these entries so far. Everyone is doing amazing art here.

Ramires said...

thanks Chris for the opportunity to participate imn your group

Chris Menice said...

I keep looking at all these entries. I can't wait to see them in person. So awesome!

szaza said...

Absolutely stunning.
It's so dimensional!

Ramires said...

Thanks Samantha :-)