Monday, September 29, 2008

Once, I lost my mind !

My entry on Chris Menice moleskine.

well...thats the most important thing I had lost...I think...hahaha, I hope you like my interpretation of your theme !

I will send this...and my own moleskine (that I will draw in tomorrow or so...) to Ramires these week ! so check out your mail Claudio! ^^

hugs and kisses !!!



szaza said...

This is truly fantastic. I can't wait to see your entry in your book.

Chris Menice said...

So awesome! We have a really great group here.

Ramires said...

Wonderfull, I'm waiting :-)))

Lady Orlando said...

Mi pregunta estúpida favorita:

"¿en dónde la perdiste?"

Este trabajo es hermoso, en verdad ^^

Chensio said...

ajajaajajaja, mmmm...pues la lo recuerdo... :P