Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Ramires book is done

Hi Friends, Here is my entry in Ramires book. It's very much a continuation of Samantha's entry. My entry was inspired by the movie "Ponyo" which is an animated film. Hope you like it. Here's a picture. Tomorrow I will post a hi-res scan to Flickr.

This is the last book I have. I would really like to know where the other books are. Please email me or comment here if you have a book. Thanks!

Edit: Hi-res image is up on Flickr.


Ramires said...

Woooowww!!! I love everything here, the way you follow the Samantha's work, the lighthouse, the sea... Thank you so much my friend. :-))

Chris Menice said...

You're welcome Ramires! I'm very happy you like it. I've posted the hi-res image on flickr if you want to see the little details.

szaza said...

Wow, it's marvellous!
Chris I have your book now and mine.