Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Hi 34's :-)

How are you all?Any news about the books?
Abraços do Brasil


Chris Menice said...

Hi Friends,

It has been a crazy summer for me, but just today I got my studio back. I'm currently working in Chensio's book (a little bit every night). I plan to be finished in 2 weeks (September 24).

Then I will begin work on Ramires book and hope to complete that in 2 weeks.

That will bring me up to date.

Where are the other books?

szaza said...

I still have mine.
Anyone want it?

Chris Menice said...

Hi Samantha,

The rotation says you should send it to me :D, but maybe wait until I finish up Chensio's book?

Ok, so now we know where 3 books are, Chensio's, Ramires and Samantha's.

So who has mine, Lady O's and Santiago's?

Ramires said...

September 24 is a nice dat, will be my birthday(month) gift :-))

Chris Menice said...

Happy Birthday Ramires! I just celebrated my 30th birthday on September 6th.