Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Our group today

Dear friends, maybe it help us to take a picture about how and where are the books


Chris Menice said...

Thanks for posting this Ramires.

I spent some time digging through the website today. Based on where books were going and direct confirmation I know where 3 books are.

Samantha has her book.
I have Chensio and Ramires books.

I think the others are:
My book should be with Yoda.
Yoda and Santiago's books should be with Chensio.

The books look great. Thanks for putting this together Claudio.

Ramires said...

Thank You Chris, I think you are right about the where books are.

Chensio Can you confirm if you have Santiago's and Yoda's books? Are you willing to receive my from Chris?

Yoda, do you have the Chris book?

Thank you all