Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Target Date?

what do you think about choosing a target date for completing the first cycle of our group?
I know this may sound a little corporate vice industry, but maybe we need a target to achieve together.
My suggestion is very friendly, I think we completed in June 2010 when we will complete two years.
My studio is not ready yet and I had new problems with my new place, but I paint in the backyard if necessary to continue working with you, I am very proud of this group (is my first in Moly_X) Feel free to disagree or call me a crazy office guy or something like that. I love you all :-)


szaza said...

So sorry I haven't replied, Ramires— the holidays came, busy busy time but now things are clearer.

I really want to continue the group, but I think we need to find out who is still able to and who cannot continue. We've got great art here. Really great art— it would be a shame to lose this. Many exchanges have died, and I was hoping this wouldn't. But now, perhaps everyone is moved and back from travelling, etc... maybe we can get this ball rolling again.

I have hope!

Ramires said...

Samantha,I agree with you, I love this group, I love some things we created together here and overall I love this project, it has helped me to grow as an artist, to expand my world view and to make new friends in many places, to me It's very important the group know we're there to have fun, but "to fun it's a serious subject" :-)
I don't work in any 34 book during 2009.
I have hope too, but I think we need a renewed commitment about that. "Let's get together and feel alright" :-)))

Chris Menice said...

I don't know about a target date, but let's certainly get this moving again.

Ramires said...

Ok my friends this is wonderful enough, we are so close to finish the first round.
Welcome my brother!