Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Wonderful 34 Books

Dear friends and artists this image above would give a clearer view of the current status of our group. It is noticed here that although we stopped for a long time we are not so badly to take back our project. The book of Samantha example has completed the first round and others are very close.I would love to be able to help more for our group did not die so near the end when we have done works of art so stunning together.Chris and Yoda, it seems that you have some books, just try to make a plan to continue sharing your great talent on our books and talk to us.
Chensio and Santigo, you will be in the way of some of these books, are you ready to go with your incredible art? (say yes please :-))) As we read in the last post, Samantha and me are ready to move on. When I was making this chart, I could see how many wonderful things we did together.
 Please, comment here what you think.


Chris Menice said...

I've been working been working on Santiago's book. I really only need to add paint at this point.

I also really want to continue the books. It has been a real challenge for me, but I think we can finish.

Currently I have Santiago (it's 60% done), Chensio and Ramires books. I'm going to carve out some time this weekend and get some work done.

Ramires said...

Nice to know you are fighting my friend :-) You are "The Guy" who put this incredible group together, thank you very much.
Does Somebody knows about Yoda, I don't received answers to my messages.

Santiago Solís Montes de Oca said...

Im with the team moly_x_34, come on amigos dont let it down.

Chris you're "the man".

Im ready to work with us.

Saludos a todos.

Ramires said...

Welcome back my friend Santiago! :-)
looking at this picture with all the work your paintings stand out much for unity and strong personality. I am very happy to put our books on the road again.
This is a great group.

szaza said...

YES! This is what I want to hear! I love this group. I believe we are one of the best examples of Moly-X creativity.

So Yoda? Chensio?

What say you? Will you join us in finishing up our current books?

Chensio said...

of course !

szaza said...


Ramires said...

Hola Chensio!!
What a great Monday!!

Chensio said...

hey Ramires ! como va todo ?!

ya lo creo !!

Ramires said...

Solo falta Yoda ahora.

Ramires said...

Chensio es muy bueno tener el grupo 34 vivo, estoy muy feliz ahora.
Como lo dijo Samantha, tenemos una "usina creativa" acá.

Santiago Solís Montes de Oca said...

Y Yoda, a.k.a. Lady Orlando

Unete a la fiesta

Saludos a Chris, Chensio, Mr. Ramires y la bella Szaza

Ramires said...

Yoda? Are You there?

Lady Orlando said...

I'm in !!! :DDD

Sorry for the long no-reply, guys u.u

Ramires said...

Yeah!! The band is complete! Let's go!

szaza said...

Oh I am so happy! :D

Marie-Laurence said...

It is simply AWESOME!

omar said...

U guys have produce one of the most beautiful books in your group! you are a great inspiration !great work!