Monday, November 2, 2009

Hi All!

Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to stop in and say hello. I hope everyone is well these days. I'm doing well enough, though my clarity for artwork is at an all time low. I have 3 of our exchanges books. I've been really stuck, but I'm getting my hands dirty and hope to get them done soon.

How is everyone else doing? Where are the rest of the books?

Warm regards,


Ramires said...

I have no books currently,but I'm waiting, I hope our beautiful group back to move soon. You all are great talented artists.
How are You everyone?
Abraços do Brasil

szaza said...

Hi everyone! I've got my book here. Chris, once you get some out, I'll start working on it. I don't want to overwhelm you :)

Chris Menice said...

I've been working on Santiago's book. I've been side tracked a bit the last few weeks. I'm also moving again next week. This move is into a larger apartment and I'll have a studio space. I can't wait to have a space again.

Ramires said...

Nice to know about you all :-)
I'm so happy to know our group is rolling again.
Um a braço a todos!