Friday, February 4, 2011

Farewells and Reunions?

Dear Friends,

The artwork created in this group has been amazing. I think the artwork is one of the best representations of what Moly-X is all about. Great people and great art. There have been a lot of starts, stops and slowness with this group. We started way back in June 2008. Almost 3 years ago! It's amazing that it's been that long! It has been an honor to work beside all of you.

That said, I think it's time to shake up the group. Three years is a long time to keep a common goal in this technology age and I think for some of us our goals have changed. Our group doesn't have to quit, but for some members it may be necessary. I will have no hard feelings if someone doesn't want to continue so please don't feel obligated.

Our group as it stands:

Chris - USA
Chensio - Spain
Ramires - Brazil
Santiago - Mexico
Yoda - Mexico
Samantha - Turkey

If you would like to continue on with the re-group, please respond in a comment to this post. Because I'm writing this post, I'll respond here. I WANT TO CONTINUE. And I will continue with any of you that want to participate. Let's start this with the original enthusiasm we first had. That sparkle of a new group and run with it.

If you are unsure if you would like to continue, I would urge you not to. We want enthusiasm from all members and a willingness to commit.

At this time, it is my understanding that Santiago will not continue and I hope he has received his book with all those wonderful entries.

So let's Go! Who's in and who's out! No hard feelings either way. Let's get back at it.


szaza said...

Well I really would like to continue until all our books are finished, and most of them are almost there— it's just a matter of people actually doing the entries in a timely manner. If we work diligently, then the books can be completed this year. I just don't want any more of these lapses. We're too good!

So artists, what are we going to do?

Santiago Solís Montes de Oca said...

Hi ladies and gentlemen
Im out, i think almost 3 years is too much for a moly proyect.
So please send my moly to:
Pestalozzi 636 int 4
Narvarte Poniente
Mexico DF

See ya, i desire success to all you
Hugs and kisses

Chris Menice said...

@Santiago, thank you for your work in the group. I enjoyed seeing your art. I hope whoever has your book will send it to you soon.

@szaza, Yay! So glad you want to continue. I'm looking forward to seeing what you put in my book :D

szaza said...

Santiago, your work continues to thrill and amaze me. It has been an honour to have you in this group, and I treasure the piece you did in my book. Thank you so very much.

I agree that three years is a ridiculous amount of time for an exchange, but I hope that the books can be completed this year. They should be completed— they are too stunning.

I am glad you are happy, Chris— let's hope it's more than just us— though Ramires I think said he was interested in continuing... inshallah, as we say here :)

Chris Menice said...

I do believe Ramires wants to continue, but I haven't heard from him on this yet.

Also, I haven't heard from Yoda or Chensio.

Ramires said...

Dear friends.
Sorry for the delay in posting here to answer this call from Cris.
In the last week I personally see the Carlos Chensio's book at the MCBA show in Minnesota and could see how talented is this group, but could also consider that even with a small group and with such brilliant talents has been a very slow and sometimes disengaged with project rules. (yes, it's art, but it requires commitment because we deal with time and objects of other people who are giving us a return)
Marty Harris and me had long chats about this kind of problem that happens in groups and how much you guys already know some changes will have to happen within the project that will not happen frustrations into something that could be amazing.
I agree with Santiago when he says two years is too long for a group of five people make a round. Let's do a simple math: The time to do the work in five books should be 5 or 6 months by the rules of project delays as small considering exceptions. The time between posting anywhere in the order of rotation is at most a month which adds another five or six months, or should we be with the second round closed and I have not seen my book after two years.
Another point that failed was the communication. It is very important to tell people here what is happening and thus even small delays or unexpected happening, it would not generate frustration and discouragement.
The process of moly x is simple and perfect, but it needs commitment.

Before I respond if I want a second round I would like:
1 - To have my book in hand, and before that to know where he is.
2 - Read the answers from Yoda and Carlos to this post
3 - Making sure everyone is committed to complying with the simple molyX rules that refer to one-time entry and communication among members.

Sorry if I'm being annoying, I love your talented work.

szaza said...

Ramires, I agree with you 100%.

Chris Menice said...

@Claudio You are not being annoying at all. I agree 100%. Still no response from Carlos or Yoda. My hands are tied on this since I don't have any books. It should be a simple process. But the groups are only as good as the individual commitment to the group.