Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Sleeping AGAIN? :-P

Hello people.How are you? 
 It seemed that we could retrieve our group again and I was extremely happy for this, but 15 days have passed since the last post here.What is happening now?Chris, did you  sent the Carlos book to  Marty?  ( To MCBA Exhibith) And where is my book? Did you sent it to Carlos?Carlos did you received my book? Did you sent the Santiago Book to me? (Do You have my correct address?)Lady Orlando, did you sent Chris book to him?We are a small group of talented and mature artists and we have no more excuses not to make things work like many other  MolyX groups. We just need to keep in touch.


Chris Menice said...

Ramires, my friend, I'm sorry to say I think our group is finished. I sent an email to all members asking them to consider finishing the books, but I received no responses.

I will be sending Chensio's book along to Marty shortly. The show isn't until January so there is some time. I need to contact Marty to confirm he wants the book.

I have your book Ramires. I would be more than happy to send it to Chensio if you agree and he will work in it. Otherwise I will send it back to you.

I would still be happy to continue, but I cannot continue alone. Every member who wants to continue must be willing to work faster and be more responsible with communication.

My Warmest regards,

Ramires said...

Dear Chris,
I am willing to continue and believe that although there was no direct response to your e-mail some members of the group reappeared here on the blog.
Carlos did an entry in Santiago's book, but did not say whether sent or not.
Lady Orlando did a comment on the blog.
It seems that Santiago is the only missing ...
Please send my book to Carlos please.
It is OK for you Carlos?
Count on me for help.

Chris Menice said...

As you wish my Friend. I will send your book to Carlos.

Santiago specifically said he wanted his book back so I think Carlos should send it right back to him.

Last I heard from Samantha, she was undecided about whether to continue or not.

I'm not sure if Yoda is able to continue because she seems so busy.

I am willing to continue of course :D