Friday, June 27, 2008

Hey moly_x_34 Group!

I'm getting really excited (and scared) to start drawing in my book. I'm very happy to be working with all of you and I know we'll create some inspired entries for our books.

So, when are we starting? I think we should aim to ship our books either by August 1st or 15th. Ramires and Santiago are waiting for the moleskine books. Ramires should receive his around July 6 and Santiago should receive his the middle of July. So let's take a vote for first shipment of August 1 or 15? Leave a comment.

Are we having a theme? Only if you want one. Each artist has complete control over their book. If you want a theme in your book that would be fun! Totally up to you! ( just thought of a theme I might want for my book)

Our group has six members, so I think we should each plan to do 2-3 pages in each book (not 3-4 pages). I have also set up a mailing rotation (on the right). You will mail the book to the artist located below your name. We can be flexible with this, so if you think there is a better mailing order please say so. I tried to make it logical so shipping costs would be as minimal as possible.

Rebelpapa (me) --> Chensio
Chensio --> Ramires
Ramires --> Mano de Papel
Mano de Papel --> Lady Orlando
Lady Orlando --> Samantha
Samantha --> Rebelpapa (me)

So if you have your books, feel free to start them! Also, please email me your mailing address (don't post it here).


Lady Orlando said...

I already have mine, but I think is good to wait for Ramires and Santiago, so 15th?

About the theme: for me is better if each one of you make what ever you want. You're all great artists and I know I'll love anything you make :D

Ramires said...

Thanks Chris and Lady Orlando.
I think is good wait for Santiago too.

Chensio said...

I think the same that Lady orlando and ramires !

szaza said...

Hi everyone!
I'm so very happy to be in a group with all of you. I am excited to get started, but I think it's best to wait until everyone has their moly.